Indonesia set 1951 National Sports Festival MNH

Mitchel ID 89-93 MNH
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Set of 5 stamps

Country: Indonesia
Series: National Sports Festival
Catalog codes:

Michel ID 89-90-91-92-93
Stamp Number ID B63-B64-B65-B66-B67
Yvert et Tellier ID 42-43-44-45-46
Stanley Gibbons ID 655-656-657-658-659
Zonnebloem ID 96-97-98-99-100

Issued on: 1951-10-15
Expiry date: 1952-07-31
Size: 25 x 32 mm
Colors: Green-Greyblue-Vermilion-Brown-Ultramarine
Format: Stamp
Emission: Semi-Postal
Perforation: 12½ x 12
Printing: Photogravure